A remedial business clash of Legal Heads and Investigators
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Awareness for the Corporate Legal Heads organized and core mouthpiece being the intellectuals of intelligence. The workshop is framed in such a format, followed by specimen events and case studies of a variant instant where investigation can gear an ideal business.
Venus Detective Agency, one of the profound intelligence bodies which are functional across the globe. The Investigation firm is catering its Corporate and Personal investigation with operational offices at Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Venus Detective Agency is organizing this global meet of Legal Heads and corporate Investigators, wherein the delegates exchange the idea for a Fraudulence free Business.
The investigation expertise will put forward a flawless business strategy which can be obtained via various credentials of Corporate Investigation. The intelligence pioneer will put a focus on the investigation remedies under the convoy of Legal Heads of any league of Business. The following are the key points which the discussion will revolve around.
• Due Diligence
• Stock Audit
• Financial Investigation
• Inventory Related Investigation
• Mystery Shopping
• Physical Surveillance
• IPR & Brand Protection
• Security & Risk Management
The core mission of the meet is to create an idealistic intellectual discussion where the Intelligence delegates are displaying the thoughts which could excel the business with the help of the law enforcement bodies. A collaboration where legal pioneers can guide the business, in a pledge to obstruct the malicious management, corrupt employees and trap illicit conspiracy of the third part or investors.
The meet is motivated to get a professional advice for Fraud Control Units and Vigilance to frame a fraud-free business.
More Information URL: http://www.venusdetective.com/

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